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RWST Ltd. Who we are

RWS Nicole Hahn Sales Agency was founded in Erkrath, Germany, in 2009 as partner of the rolls and rollers industry. Due to our international partners, RWS Nicole Hahn was renamed RWS Technology Ltd. with its main offices located in Birmingham, Great Britain, and Erkrath, Germany and manufacturing bases all over the globe.

Over time, the manufacturing of the main product, non-woven fabric rollers, has resulted in the production of a variety of rollers as a result of our customers’ demands.

With regards to manufacturing non-woven fabric rollers, we offer a great range of basis materials in order to tend to your individual demands and needs, instead of tending to the supply of the individual producer of the basis material.

Many customers appreciate our variety and have often chosen a combination of diverse non-woven fabric materials and combined them with other materials, such as polyurethane foam or rubber.

Polyurethane foam technology includes the casting and the rotation process. Our delivery service and that of our partners also comprises other types of rolls, such as rubber rollers, chrome rollers, and grid rollers.

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